carbIN was founded with the mission to empower everyone to understand, reduce, and offset their carbon footprint

To enable 30 MILLION people in the US by 2030




We say what we are going to do and stick to it


We are 100% transparent in everything we do


We all have a right to understand our footprint


carbIN was co-founded by two environmentally conscious, data-driven MBAs, Shannon Parker and Chad Hunter, in March of 2020 with a goal of building carbon literacy and encouraging the adoption of personal offsets among the general population to meet achieve the Paris Climate agreement’s 1.5-degree goal. Ally joined as a third cofounder in May 2020 to contribute significant technical expertise and help take the idea to the next level. 

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carbIN Score

​By partnering with financial service providers, we help them help you. Our proprietary algorithm translates spending behavior into a personal carbon footprint score, automatically.

carbIN Insights

From our carbIN score we can provide consumer-specific carbon footprint data that details drivers of consumers carbon footprints and the best possible action for reduction.

carbIN Offsets

By partnering with leading offset providers, our service recommends verified offset projects to offset consumers remaining footprint, helping users reach carbon neutrality through a simple and trustworthy purchasing process.


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